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The Stargazer EP - Oct., 2017

     Maybe it’s because I love music so much, but I’ve always thought of hearing as the most important sense.  The world is incredibly loud, and there are many voices, both internal and external, that demand our attention.  What we listen to and who hears us help to shape our reality and our dreams.  

     From the joy of finding someone to be heard by in "Stargazer" to the desperation to hear and understand a dear friend that appears in "To You," the Stargazer EP is an exploration of how I have developed my “listening” skills over the past few years to become who I am today.

Songwriting, guitar, vocals: Sarah Donkin
Piano: Emma Donkin
Bass: Matt Jackson
Percussion: John Guido Vitullo
Recorded/mixed by Matt Jackson - The Jazz Room
Mastered by Frank Toncar - Peace of Mind Productions
Bass and piano arranged by Emma Donkin
Cover photo taken by Emma Donkin

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