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Black Sky

The Constellation Blog


I'm a storyteller from Northeast Ohio.  I've been writing music, poetry, and stories for as long as I can remember.  For music - think indie, folk, pop.  Acoustic guitars, harmonies, poetic lyrics.  

My history includes one solo EP so far.  There may or may not be a new project coming soon. There also exists, in my past an album I wrote and recorded with my sisters as a trio in high school. It's not linked on this site, but if you ever come across it, send me a screenshot for a virtual high five.

I spend most of my free time cooking, weightlifting, and aggressively using the Oxford comma, but when I'm not doing those things, sometimes I blog, too.  You'll mostly find stuff about music, writing, and life here, with a little bit of poetry sneaking in every now and then.

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